Tisdale23 Catering and Event Planning is owned and operated by Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton. Tisdale23 has been catering events since 2011 ranging from weddings to sweet 16 birthday parties. We use seasonal items to ensure top quality foods for all events. Customized menus are made to  suit each clients needs. We pride ourselves on putting a unique spin on classic food items. We believe in the motto that “Anything can be simply done as long as its beautifully presented that will make all the difference in the world.”

” Tisdale23 is named after my father, the late Wayman L. Tisdale Sr. I decided to name my company after him because he was very instrumental in always cheering me on to pursue my dreams no matter what they were. In 2008, my family and I spent Christmas in the hospital with my father. As an effort to make things as normal as possible for our family, we took a Christmas tree to his hospital suite and decorated. At 20 yrs old, I made the entire Christmas meal all alone (with much advice from my grandmothers of course). My father wasn’t really able to eat at the time however, that day he ate, two plates at that and kept reassuring me of how much he enjoyed my food. In 2009, the day before my father passed my sister Danielle and I cooked the last meal he ate, during this time he was again not eating and actually ate more than one plate! All those times really inspired me and sparked a deep interest in me, making me want to learn more and dig deeper into the culinary world.


My father was always very serious about us applying ourselves. Quitting was not a option. He would always tell us the importance of setting and fulfilling our goals. Tisdale23 has been in works for three years. I have dedicated myself to fulfilling this goal and will not accept anything less than greatness, just as I know he would of wanted!When God gave me my daddy he truly gave me the best earthly father a girl could ask for. On my business journey and for the years to come I want Tisdale23 to exemplify the legacy of the great Wayman L. Tisdale Sr. ….. I will forever and always love you daddy”